Vega Restricted Mainnet is live!

What is VEGA?

What features does it have?

  • Fast network, optimised for trading. Vega’s purpose built blockchain has sub-second block times and is optimised for fully decentralised trading. Read about validators and staking
  • Next generation liquidity mining Vega’s advanced incentivisation system directs liquidity to the markets that need it most. Trading fees are determined by competitive bidding for each market, ensuring the best price is achieved for both traders and liquidity providers. Early supporters of markets earn a larger share of the fees that are distributed through Vega’s unique liquidity provision share mechanism.
  • Capital efficient permissionless derivatives The protocol is designed as a toolbox of optimised components that allow the community to permissionlessly propose and create markets for almost anything. More on market creation with VEGA
  • Native cross-chain support, starting with ethereum Vega is designed from the ground up to integrate with Ethereum and other emerging DeFi ecosystems, rather than compete with them. All assets traded on Vega originate on other chains, and the bridge protocol makes deposits and withdrawals as easy as for native dApps.
  • Rich, developer friendly APIs Vega is built on a set of advanced financial and trading primitives, with a technical architecture that allows for near infinite flexibility for building financial applications. Vega nodes expose rich data about governance, markets, orders, trades, prices, margins, positions, and much more. Data is accessible via easy to use and comprehensive gRPC, GraphQL, and REST APIs. Browse VEGA docs

What to know more?

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