Track anything — ultimate guide for substrate telegram bots.
6 min readJun 22, 2020


Ryabina is happy to present open source alerting Telegram bots for Polkadot, Kusama and other substrate networks.

Their main functions are to alert about events that take place in the networks and to collect statistic about networks status. However the variety of possible single notifications and combination of notifications is huge, that makes these bots very useful and powerful tools. And it open source!

Bots can be used in two ways:

  • as a personal informational bot, sending alerts in a private chat;
  • as informational bot for Telegram groups showing statistic of network, current price (optional) and sending democracy alerts (optional).

Personal informational bot.

All notifications are divided into 3 groups: Address alerts, Democracy and Treasury alerts and alerts of Advanced mode.

Address alerts is a block of notifications that are the most useful for accounts.

Following notifications can be turn on here:

  • Transfer — bot sends message about transfers from or to tracked account is done;
  • Rewards — bot sends message about rewards received to tracked account;
  • Slash — bot sends message if tracked account is slashed;
  • (New!) Nominated validator has updated the fee — bot sends message if validator nominated by tracked account changes it`s fee;
  • (New!)Account nominated validators(for nominators) — bot sends message if tracked account nominated some validator(s);
  • (New!) Account nominated(for validators) — bot sends message if tracked validator`s account was nominated

By default some points of menu are selected, but you can select/deselect only those points you need. After selecting, choose Enter address.

You’ll get first confirmation about chosen notifications and requirement of public address you want to track.

Put in the Polkadot/Kusama public address in the field below. As an answer you`ll get requirement to enter a name for this address (in case tracked address has no Identity on chain, if it has, bot uses Identity).

After sending the name to bot, you`ll get second confirmation on alert set.

Democracy and Treasury alerts.

This set of notifications let users never miss events in the networks. Following alerts can be set up here:

  • A motion has been proposed
  • A referendum has begun
  • A Proposal has been passed
  • A Proposal has been No passed
  • A Proposal has been cancelled
  • A Proposal has been executed
  • New Treasury Tip
  • New Treasury Proposal

Choose items you need by selecting/deselecting them and push “Create Alerts” button.

You`ll get a confirmation:

Advanced mode.

If pre-configured notifications are not enough, please choose Advanced mode. Please be noted that you should understand what Substrate is to get maximum value from this mode.

All Events and Extrinsics are collected here. In short, Extrinsics — are methods that either users or smart contracts call in the network, Events — are the events that these methods trigger.

Also they are grouped into modules from Polkadot and Kusama.

After selecting a module you are required to select a type of alert: Extrinsics or Events (if available)

Next step is to set up Filters. Please be noted that correct use of Filters is very important stage and helps you to avoid unnecessary information.

*For example: in case Filter Target is not selected for Event Transfer bot will send information about ALL transfers in the network.

If there no need in filters choose Create Alert button and get confirmation.

Examples of notification in advanced mode.

1.In case you want to be notified when transfer on more than 100000 $KSM takes place, following path should be done:

Advanced > Balances > Events > Transfer > Filters > Value > 
> 100000 > Exit filtering mode > Create alert

2. If you want to track when some account votes.

Advanced > Democracy > Extrinsics > Vote > FILTERS > sender > Enter address > Exit ‘Filtering mode’ > Create Alert

3. Track when new identity load on-chain.

Advanced > Identity > Extrinsics > SetIdentity > Create Alert

Alerts managements. My addresses/alerts.

All your alerts are grouped by the accounts they’re linked to. If an alert is not linked to any of your accounts, it is added to ‘Other Alerts’ group.

You can easily manage added addresses, delete and rename .

Usage within telegram groups.

Additional way to use bot is to get alerts about statistic, prices and democracy events into Telegram group.Information about validators, nominators, supply is shown by default, about price, volume, market cap and democracy events is optional.

To start using bot in the group just invite one of the bots as a group member:

Command to control bot:

/stats — to show statistic

/alertson — to turn on alerts on democracy events

/alertsoff — to turn off alerts on democracy event

/priceon — to show current price

/priceoff — not to show current price

Democracy and price information is disabled by default. Activate them if needed.

In case you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact Ryabina team by:

More links:

If you liked our bots, nominate Ryabina validators!

To nominate Ryabina validators, go to Polkadot UI, type “RYABINA” into search field of “Set nominees”. Wait until addresses load and select all RYABINA nodes.

Thank you!