Track anything — ultimate guide for substrate telegram bots.

  • as a personal informational bot, sending alerts in a private chat;
  • as informational bot for Telegram groups showing statistic of network, current price (optional) and sending democracy alerts (optional).
  • Transfer — bot sends message about transfers from or to tracked account is done;
  • Rewards — bot sends message about rewards received to tracked account;
  • Slash — bot sends message if tracked account is slashed;
  • (New!) Nominated validator has updated the fee — bot sends message if validator nominated by tracked account changes it`s fee;
  • (New!)Account nominated validators(for nominators) — bot sends message if tracked account nominated some validator(s);
  • (New!) Account nominated(for validators) — bot sends message if tracked validator`s account was nominated
  • A motion has been proposed
  • A referendum has begun
  • A Proposal has been passed
  • A Proposal has been No passed
  • A Proposal has been cancelled
  • A Proposal has been executed
  • New Treasury Tip
  • New Treasury Proposal
Advanced > Balances > Events > Transfer > Filters > Value > 
> 100000 > Exit filtering mode > Create alert
Advanced > Democracy > Extrinsics > Vote > FILTERS > sender > Enter address > Exit ‘Filtering mode’ > Create Alert
Advanced > Identity > Extrinsics > SetIdentity > Create Alert




Validator on awesome networks

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Validator on awesome networks

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