The Graph Protocol. How to calculate your rewards for delegation?

The economic model of The Graph is complicated and has a lot of nuances. That’s why Ryabina published a series of “How it works” guides.

You might have missed our previous blog posts, “The Graph Network launch. How to delegate?” and “Graph Network. Fee Cut and Rewards Cut: How It Works.” In this article we describe the distribution of rewards to Delegators.

What you should know when delegate your GRT:


CASE 1. Ryabina was already delegated with 10 tokens and 0 reward is accumulated. Alice delegates 1 token. In this situation Delegation Exchange Rate = 1 and Alice gets 1 share. She has 1/11 of the Delegation pool.

CASE 2. Ryabina was already delegated with 10 tokens and there is accumulated reward — 1 token. Alice delegates 1 token. In this situation Delegation Exchange Rate = 1.1 and Alice gets ~0.91 shares. She has 1/12 of the Delegation pool. Thus Alice can’t undelegate rewards share that was accumulated in the pool before she came.

How to calculate the amount you can withdraw from the pool:

delegator (id: “Your Delegator Address (Lock Contract Address) only in lower case”) {
stakes {
indexer {

As a result you get a list of all delegations of the account. Rewards are calculated separately for each stake based on a formula:

(delegatedTokens * shareAmount / delegatorShares) / 1000000000000000000

delegatedTokens — total quantity of tokens in the pool for the moment including all delegations and rewards

shareAmount — personal shares of Delegator

delegatorShares — total quantity of pool shares

The result should be the same as figures on where you can compare it with the initial (previous) figure of your delegation. Remember that when delegating, you pay a one-time fee equal 0,5% of your stake.

There also can be find Indexer’s current exchange rate (delegationExchangeRate) and exchange rate of Delegator when entering the pool (personalExchangeRate.)

NB! Indexer can change its fee on delegator’s rewards (fee/rewards cut)!

Make sure that you delegate your assets to the reliable Indexer: it should be a well-known team that values its reputation and wouldn’t change fees unreasonably and unexpectedly or its Cooldown period is high and there is no technical way to change its parameters often.

Indexer’s Cooldown can be get from:

Ryabina indexer’s addresses:
1). graph-node-1-cp0x-hosted-by-ryabina.eth: 0xbb784d9b398271b7a64f975bebde869409691915
2). graph-node-1-cp0x-hosted-by-ryabina.eth: 0x8a1729fe84c53c231c7ae53a5bec3f6e9953cb4b
3). ryabina.eth: 0x9238584c74e5fa445a8f72a4d4ef4699dd783852

4). makingcash-hosted-by-ryabina.eth:

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