Polkaproject.com in the Polkadot bot by Ryabina is available!

Nov 9, 2020


Try our bot here.

We are excited to share our new Polkadot bot feature: now you can receive messages from the bot when a new project is added to Polkaproject.com.

Rapidly growing Polkadot ecosystem replenishes with new networks, apps, Dapps, wallets, forums, tools and other items everyday, so be one of the first who find a new gem!

For the moment it is located in Advanced mode, but it can be set pretty easy, see the instructions below. Later we will rearrange bot’s main page and add a branch for ecosystem updates, follow our news.

How to set Polkaproject alert.

Push “Add new alert ” and select “Advadced” mode.

From a long list of events choose the “Ecosystem” (now it is on the 4th page)

Push “Events” and then “NewPolkaProject”.

You will receive a description — confirm your choice by pushing “Create Alert”

You will get an confirmation:

Congratulations! That’s how these alerts will look like:

Pay attention to this button. It should be turned on!

How to stop receiving messages:

Choose: “My addresses/alerts”

Choose “Other Alerts”

Delete alerts you don’t need.

Do not hesitate to contact Ryabina team in case you have any concerns by Telegram or by e-mail.

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