Nominate Ryabina: Step-by-step Guide.
3 min readOct 5, 2020

Smart Ways To Nominate And Earn More.

To nominate Ryabina you need to create a Polkadot Account first. If you haven’t done it earlier, please read a guide and create.

If you have already generated an account, please follow our guide to nominate Ryabina. The procedure is the same for every Substrate network, i.e. Polkadot, Kusama, Edgeware, StaFi, Darwinia, Dock, Centrifuge.

  1. Go to Polkadot JS app to nominate Ryabina in the following networks: Polkadot, Kusama, Edgeware, Centrifuge, Stafi, Darwinia Crab.

Choose a network in a menu in a top right corner and click “Switch”

For Darwinia mainnet:

2. On the “Account Actions” page click on +Nominator button.

3. Choose Stash and Controller accounts.

Think of the stash as your cold wallet and the controller as your hot wallet. Funding operations are controlled by the stash, any other non-funding actions by the controller itself.

To ensure optimal fund security using the same stash/controller is strongly discouraged, but not forbidden.

4. Type in the search field “RYABINA” and choose all Ryabina nodes. Then click “Bond and Nominate” and sign the transaction.

Congratulations! You nominated Ryabina.

Smart Ways To Nominate And Earn More.


The list of elected validators changes all the time. The most safe and profitable strategy is to nominate 16 validators.

Please, check your list of validators, most of them should be already elected and active (full list of elected validators look here )

Avoid validators with oversubscribed sign (it means that this validator was elected by too many nominators and some of this nominators don’t receive rewards). Also you should avoid slashed validators.

Know you validator: website, Twitter, Telegram, Medium and other links can be found by clicking on validators name (only for validators with Identity)

Tip 2.

Use Ryabina’s Substrate bots.






These bots track everything concerning your nominations (rewards, validator slashes, fee changes, waitlisted validators elections, etc.) and all other events in the network.

It is very smart and helpful tool and we proud to provide it to our users.

Detailed “How to” guide check out here:

Do not hesitate to contact Ryabina team in case you have any concerns by Telegram or by e-mail.