Mini Guide for Acala Network telegram bot by Ryabina.

  • as a personal informational bot, sending alerts in a private chat;
  • as informational bot for Telegram groups showing statistic of network and current prices of currencies(ACA, DOT, LDOT, RenBTC, XBTC and others).

Personal informational bot.

  • Accounts alerts is a block of notifications about Transfers and Ren Mint/Burn.
  • CDP Loans💰all alerts about loans, Collateralized Debt Positions(CDP)
You can find here one of the most useful alerts - "liquidate CDP warning", that means that tracked CDP is dangerously close to liquidation (115% of liquidation price) and, perhaps, need some actions to be done.
  • Liquidation Auction — about auction bids and auctions.
  • Honzon Parameters. Honzon — The Stablecoin Protocol. No address required.
  • Dex — Swap, Deposit and Earn. All events related to swap, Deposit & Earn, add/withdraw liquidity.
  • 🔥Advanced🔥 collected all the events and extrinsics of all the modules. It’s a big list.


Advanced mode.

Alerts managements. My addresses/alerts.

Usage within Telegram groups.




Validator on awesome networks

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Validator on awesome networks

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