Mini Guide for Acala Network telegram bot by Ryabina.

We are happy to present alerting Telegram bot for Acala Network (currently it works on Mandala Network).

There are two main functions: to alert about events that take place with accounts and to collect statistic about network status.

However the variety of possible single notifications and combinations of notifications is huge, that makes this bot very useful and powerful tool.

Bot can be used in two ways:

  • as a personal informational bot, sending alerts in a private chat;
  • as informational bot for Telegram groups showing statistic of network and current prices of currencies(ACA, DOT, LDOT, RenBTC, XBTC and others).

Personal informational bot.

You can find it here:
All notifications are divided into 6 groups:

  • Accounts alerts is a block of notifications about Transfers and Ren Mint/Burn.
  • CDP Loans💰all alerts about loans, Collateralized Debt Positions(CDP)
You can find here one of the most useful alerts - "liquidate CDP warning", that means that tracked CDP is dangerously close to liquidation (115% of liquidation price) and, perhaps, need some actions to be done.
  • Liquidation Auction — about auction bids and auctions.
  • Honzon Parameters. Honzon — The Stablecoin Protocol. No address required.
  • Dex — Swap, Deposit and Earn. All events related to swap, Deposit & Earn, add/withdraw liquidity.
  • 🔥Advanced🔥 collected all the events and extrinsics of all the modules. It’s a big list.

Click Add new alert

Select one of the groups, you will see a list of alerts.
You can 🟢select/⚪deselect only those points you need. After selecting, choose Enter address.

You’ll get first confirmation about chosen notifications and requirement of public address you want to track.

Put in the Acala public address in the field below. As an answer you`ll get requirement to enter a name for this address.

After sending the name to bot, you`ll get second confirmation on alert set.

If pre-configured notifications are not enough, please choose Advanced mode. Please be noted that you should understand what Substrate is to get maximum value from this mode.

You can also visit for more information.

All Events and Extrinsics are collected here. In short, Extrinsics — are methods that either users or smart contracts call in the network, Events — are the events that these methods trigger.

Also they are grouped into modules.

After selecting a module you are required to select a type of alert: Extrinsics or Events (if available)

Next step is to set up Filters. Please be noted that correct use of Filters is very important stage and helps you to avoid unnecessary information.

*For example: in case Filter Target is not selected for Event Transfer bot will send information about ALL transfers in the network.

If there no need in filters choose Create Alert button and get confirmation.

Alerts managements. My addresses/alerts.

All your alerts are grouped by the accounts they’re linked to. If an alert is not linked to any of your accounts, it is added to ‘Other Alerts’ group.

You can easily manage added addresses, delete and rename .

Usage within Telegram groups.

Additional way to use bot is to get alerts about statistic, prices and democracy events into Telegram group. Information about validators, nominators, supply is shown by default, about price, volume, market cap and democracy events is optional.

To start using bot in a group just invite @Acala_Ryabina_bot as a group member.
Use /stats — to show statistic

In case you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact Ryabina team by:

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Thank you🤗!

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