by Ryabina. Formulas behind Rewards Calculator.

Beside the other exiting features allows users to estimate their future income on planned delegation. The calculations are made on the assumption that the proposed delegation will be added to the allocation by the Indexer according to the current ratios. No query fees are included in these calculations.

Note! These calculations are only a criterion for the indexer’s performance at the moment based on current active allocations. We don’t guarantee that delegators will get that exact percentage of rewards.

DR — network daily rewards 
STS — subgraph total signal amount
TS — network total signal amount
A  - indexer allocation
TA - total network allocated tokens

TADR is equal to the sum of the daily rewards of all the indexer allocations

TD — total indexer delegation pool
YDays — days in the year (~365)
IndexerCut — indexer indexing reward cut applied to the delegation pool

To calculate the APR with potential delegation (PD) we take this delegation into the delegation pool proportionally for all allocations and the ADR formula looks like this:

Calculator also displays how much the indexer has earned for its delegators for the last N days. The formula for calculating the APY looks like this:

a — the number of allocations in the last N days
DR — Delegation Rewards issued after the close of the allocation
DP — Delegation Pool at the moment of allocation closure

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